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Nicolle is a co-creator of LYBS and Creative Self-Care Coach of LIVE YOUR BEST STORY, a personal development weekend workshop retreat on Bowen Island. She has also written and created her own Creative Journaling workbooks as companions to her own workshops.

Her recent writing project was to observe, then create and draft a 6 hour professional development course, “Art Therapy at Cedars, healing trauma and addiction”  to be used to train and educate counselors, therapists and mental health professionals in the work that is being done at Cedars at Cobble Hills treatment centre.

This professional development course  was submitted and approved by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation ( for approval for 6 Continued Education Units. Certificate issued.

Nicolle has created workbooks for her own workshops and has over 18 years of experience as a workshop facilitator for various individuals, groups, theatres and organizations. She worked as an Education Co-ordinator for the Chemainus Theatre Festival from Sept. 2010-2013 launching the Island Savings Discover Theatre workshops, teaching over 140 Grade 4 and Grade 10 Theatre workshops.She is also a CAC II certified Addiction Counselor, an Alumna of the University of Victoria (1991) with a B.F.A Theatre degree.  As a coach and facilitator, she has been employed by addiction agencies (Renascent, Salvation Army Homestead), agencies working with high risk groups (Vancouver Coastal Health, William Head Federal Penitentiary and Aboriginal Centres), educational institutions (Camosun College, Vancouver Island University) as well as various arts & cultural agencies (Chemainus Theatre Festival). She has worked with a diverse range of ages from elementary school age to high risk teens dealing with concurrent issues to coaching professional actors & writers, to health care professionals and adults in recovery.

Workshop & Courses Available

These courses are for me a culmination of my education, expertise & passion in both the areas of creativity and counseling.

Creative Journaling: Self Care for the Helping professional 

Renew Your Focus, Reduce Your Stress.

*This course is approved by CACCF (6 CEUS)


This is a professional development course that is designed for working professionals in business or in the helping professions to experience the benefits of journaling as a self care practice to restore balance, to prevent service burn-out and as well as insight into using journal writing. Participants will experience using writing prompts, exercises in how to process their stress/conflict  and image collage work focused on renewing personal and professional purpose. No professional writing experience required. * CACCF Approved for 6 CEUS-for special focus on Mental Health & Addictions.

Feedback for this course:

“I am grateful for the journaling course via teleconference with Nicolle for a few reasons. Nicolle has encouraged me to search deep into my feelings and emotions and to accept whatever it is that I write and to not judge myself.  I attended the one day course offered a few years ago and met some wonderful people, new in recovery, long timers, recovering from addiction or as family members and the teleconference experience was also with the same mix of recovery. I attended at a time I was experiencing grief with the loss of friends, family and clients. The timing was so supportive for my journey and I continue today to practice journaling on a daily basis, and it does not require a lot of time.  For anyone interested in learning a new tool to support your recovery or the stress from our career in the helping field I strongly encourage this gift of journaling. Nicolle is loving, supportive and encouraging and a wonderful teacher and counselor. “Heather Amisson ICADC, Family Counselor.

Creative Journaling: Connecting to the Story within You

This course requires no writing experience and is an easy one hour fit in your weekly schedule, whether you are at work, traveling or at home. Reconnect with your self by tuning into your Story. The most important story which is YOU.

Through the use of writing tools, affirmations and collage, we will use our journals  as a tool to reduce stress, to rediscover focus, direction and set goals to identify, inspire and motivate your life.

Feedback from recent Participants:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the format, the participants and your teaching style. What I loved the most was that there were always options: options to opt in, to opt out, to sit and reflect, to choose my own idea. I love that it was not scripted. You are a gift Nicolle. ”
“I enjoyed your approach Nicolle , providing a very accepting , safe , empathetic space for people to share . It was an interesting three weeks of self discovery for me! Thank-you for the experience . I definitely see the value in this type of group and would recommend.”

Creative Journaling: The Promises of Recovery

This personal growth & development course is designed for families and for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The focus is on self-care, using journaling as a tool to prevent relapse and old behaviors, increase self awareness and uncover creative interests through journaling. We will learn to explore writing prompts, new writing tools, affirmations and image collections to improve and support recovery choices. This course is a great fit for Alumni (those who have completed initial treatment and are new to sobriety).  No writing experience is required.

Feedback about this course from participants:

“Discipline to conquer the fear of self reflection seems less of a ‘brick wall’ now and I have begun to use the index cards to quickly scribble notes and set my mind to better creative thought” ~

” Stellar” ~

“Workshop opened a new door for me. I bought The Artist’s Way” ~

“I found Nicolle’s workshop most empowering; it unleashed a torrent of creative energy for me. Lot’s of good practical advice as well. Would highly recommend the experience!”

“I wanted to thank you for your incredible generosity in your workshops. Not everyone is willing to share so much. It’s a sign of a good heart, and a true professional.”


“Your course was an absolute breath of fresh air! Thank you truly!”

“I enjoyed your workshop very much! It really supported me in moving forward with my play. I am most thankful. I am more motivated than ever to share my message and story!”


Solo Show Intensive Level I

(One day and/or Weekend available)

This intensive workshop will provide the essentials of what it takes to create, perform and produce a one person show. The workshop will explore the fundamental elements of a solo show as well as providing practical writing exercises to generate material, build stakes in your writing and create dynamic characters. We will explore writing exercises, improvisation, the business of solo shows and tips for marketing and production. My goal is to share all that I know to ignite and inspire your process!

Wear comfortable clothes, bring paper and pens. It is not necessary to have a play – just bring your ideas! This workshop will provide a working space to discover and generate your material for your show.

Solo Show Intensive Level II

(One day and/or Weekend available. Pre-requisite Solo Show Level I)

Writing solo can be challenging which is why Level II workshop will give you a re-charge, help solidify your solo show and bring you closer to your goal of a production.

The Level II workshop will provide a safe, supportive working environment which will involve sharing your material in a group and/or working in partners, receiving feedback and direction in order to help shape, expand and clarify your material. This is an opportunity to share your developing material in a creative, open and supportive environment.

The Business of Being A Performer


This workshop will introduce you to the business aspects of being a performer. We will review the importance of a resume, headshot, how to write an effective cover letter so you can get a theatre audition, record keeping. We will explore how to combine your artistic talent with an understanding of how to take care of yourself in the business of being an actor, in and out of the audition/callback/rehearsal process. If you want to build a career as a professional actor, this workshop is for you.

Mama Memoirs~ Mamas Write~!

Mama’s get together to write down their experiences using different writing techniques.Why? Because being a mama is one of the most unique and creative experiences ever! From pregnancy to birth to mamahood…the ever changing journey has begun. Taking the time to capture these moments in our busy lives for memories that we can treasure later on. Come join this intimate group in a 6 week evening workshop facilitated in a loving, non judgemental environment led by Nicolle Nattrass, Mama, professional playwright and actress. We will write, connect with each other and honor our individual journey. Presentation optional.

Workshop will be kept small, maximum 8 participants. Guided writing exercises as well as free form rants & raves!

Getting Into Character

Develop your acting skills in this class where you will explore characters, write your own sketch material and perform it! You will learn the art and the fun of putting your original ideas into monologues, scenes and sketch comedy! Experience the thrill of performing your own work. Class will finish with a group theatre/onstage performance.

Monologue, Audition and Techniques for Theatre

Every actor should have three pieces they can do at the drop of a hat on the day you are called for the same day audition. Pieces/monologues you love and are confident doing, no matter what or when.  We will discuss your choices, your strengths, choose new ones, or improve ones you have already. We will discuss the nature of ‘contrast’. You can build auditions that contain complimentary pieces. If your pieces feel tired we can breathe new life into them. If you need new pieces we will find them. Other areas to be investigated: finding the physical, emotional, and verbal freedom to make choices in the presentation of the monologue; courage, boldness, directness; the importance of total preparation; the audition itself and SIMPLICITY. Both pieces will be presented in a mock audition during the last class.

Other Workshops Available:

Auditioning for Commercials

Introduction to Playwrighting~ Youth focus

Diving Into Story~


Custom Built Workshops are also available for specific groups or your staff. A non-refundable deposit is required.

Group discount rates available as well as discounts for ACTRA, PGC & CAEA Members.