SOULO Theatre Festival, Sunset Theatre & building a tour continues…

It is JUNE already!

I have just returned from an amazing time at the SOULO Theatre Festival- performing  Toronto as Mamahood: Bursting into Light on May 26/2017. What an incredible festival & experience!

Sold-out show, amazing talk-back with Toronto Counselor & Doula, Olivia Scobie a great workshop I facilitated called, “Self-Producing Your Solo Show…everything you wanted to know…”.

I am absolutely thrilled that my solo show was selected to be a part of the SOULO Festival and even more thrilled when this arrived in my inbox~

“Nicolle Nattrass’s solo show, Mamahood: Bursting Into Light is brilliant. She is a wonderful storyteller and fantastic character actor who nails the serious and comedic characters with ease and gusto. The topic of the realities of being a new mother are rarely talked about on stage or in public and that makes this show not only super entertaining but necessary. You will love the rock n’ roll ride of Mamahood. Do yourself, and everyone mother you know, a favour and go see this show!”
-Tracey Erin Smith, Artistic Director of Toronto’s SOULO Theatre

At present, I am on a wee break from performing until Sept. 1 & 2/2017~ where I am headed up to the historic Sunset Theatre in Wells, BC to perform Mamahood: Bursting into Light. I am excited to be a part of their beautiful season this year. Here is a link~

My goal is to BUILD A TOUR~ to conferences to festivals to get the message out. I am looking for financial donations and sponsors to make this happen~ Please spread the word, here is a link to my gofundme campaign~

Oh and lastly, I have been asked back  to perform, Mamahood: Bursting into Light as a fundraiser for the Nanaimo Women’s Resource Centre, VIU Theatre! Book your CALENDARS- Jan. 21/2018!! Guaranteed to be another SOLD-OUT SHOW!

And now for a little much needed BEACH TIME!