On Writing & On Story~

On Writing~

Writing creates Openings.

Whatever writing it is~ poetry, novel, screenplay, play, diary …move us forward.

I want to give you a taste of some of my love for Story~ some context to this rich terrain from which I work from~as actor, writer, teacher, coach and counselor.


Without stories there is nothing. Story is our history, our sense of belonging of connection of being here of our mark of our experience.  STORY really is THAT big.

STORY is big. It’s bigger than the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building and it’s unique in each one of us.

STORY really is the CONTENT of life.  Of our lives.

By essence then it is full of TRANSFORMATIVE POWERS.

Writing, owing, telling your story is TRANSFORMATIVE.

Journaling I believe is a WAY in…an ACCESS POINT for not just gratitude journals (which are indeed amazing by the way) but journaling is a way into YOURSELF.

Journaling is both an act of intimacy, an act of self care and a committed creative act.

Journal as Companion.

For me -I think when I started writing as a young child it was the best thing.

Writing has at different times ~literally saved my life.


Getting it out.

Not keeping it in.

Sorting it.

Telling the story.

Re-telling the story.

Seeing the story in many different lights.

Literally saved my sanity.

On many occasions.

A journal?

A pen?


Through many hurdles, transitions, rites of passages, crazy love heartbreaks and yes, through many dark and tangled times.

There is something that happens when one puts pen to paper…an engaging of the senses of the motor skills and brain that takes place…A commitment to self. A hearing of self. Of the pen on paper, of the time spent re-reading, analyzing, basking, tasting the words, feeling the cheeks red with passion or stained with tears….yes it is dramatic!

Life is dramatic ! STORY is dramatic, every one has a story. STORY is sometimes what keeps you up at night.  STORY is sometimes the story you are DYING to tell your best friend….and sometimes story is a story you tell yourself to quell torrents within.

Story is from past, from fantasy, from imagination, from a best friend, from work, from our family, from a poem, from a book, from our ancestors and the golden one, the one internal story that is the immediacy of our thoughts RIGHT NOW.


Whether you journal or do creative writing or write plays or screenplays or therapeutic writing…it is writing. A play can come from an idea on a page in your journal…


It’s power over you.

It’s support underneath you.

Day to day your internal STORY.

Self talk.

Create more fabulous internal STORY.

Help someone else’s story COME Alive & SHINE.




That’s HOW it works.

Just do it.

( Sept. 5/2014 N.Nattrass)

I DARE YOU TO…not go through and correct punctuation & grammatical errors above and to~

Tell a story you have never told anyone before.

Let a new story emerge from the old story.

Try on an opposite story.

Listen to the story underneath the STORY someone is telling you.

Ask your parents, or grandparents or old cab driver a story.

Come out into your new story by telling the truth of who you are.

Speak the story of your inner  life no matter how messy or painful.

Me as “Writer in the Window”~ at the 2017 SOULO Festival in Toronto~May 2017~ on Queen Street. So much fun as people walk by and post their writing prompts on the window and they can follow along on the screen with the writers.





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