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 Brownie Points (Boldly Going Where No Brownie Has Gone Before)

One Act/One Woman Show
1998 Nominated for “Outstanding Original Play” & “Outstanding Performance” at the Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards.

Meet Veronica Delight, a 28 year old Brownie, Girl Guide of Canada as she tackles issues like virginity, the Canada Student Loan system, ghosts and other urban myths. This orgiastic excavation of a radical Brownie is sure to make you burst into the Grand Howl!

Good House-Keeping

Full length/3 women

Beatrice wins a mother and daughter spa weekend getaway courtesy of “Good House-keeping Magazine,” in order to spend some much needed quality time with her mother, Jeanine. What unfolds as they encounter an unexpected guest is both comedic and poignant as they try to connect and come to terms with their relationship.

Into the Roots

One Act/ 2 Men, 1 Woman

On the verge of a big city stress breakdown, Jackie pays a visit to her student dentist. Amidst the sound of the drills, she faces her fear of the dentist and while under the influence of “gas”, she takes a roller coaster ride back to drugs, rock and roll and her teen years. But can her dentist extract the pain of her past?

The Drama Queens

(original concept with Frannie Sheridan)

One Act/2 Women

Trixie and Chicie, International superstars and Guru’s (at least in their own minds),  travel the Seminar Circuit sharing their wisdom and their patented formula they call “The Shift”. They share all that you need to change your life. It’s no “Secret” there’s no book and you don’t have to buy the DVD! They’re famous! They’re hot and they’re here!

Dot in the City

One Act/1 Man, 1 Woman

Meet Sid and Dot. Freshly evicted from their abandoned car and now on the street. Dot is forced to get a job today. Sid (her husband) drills her in preparation for her next job interview. Sid is unemployable. Dot is armed with cell phone, calculator, laptop and briefcase in hand, ready to face a new day.

Wilde Holiday Shorts

One Act/ 2 men, 1 women
For ages 4 and up

It’s the night before Christmas in the Loddington household and everyone is asleep, waiting for Santa…but not everyone. Meet Teddy, Silverglitter and Thomas Longbottom who eagerly await Santa’s arrival and take you on a magical ride.

* Based on the short stories of Oscar Wilde: The Remarkable Rocket, The Selfish Giant, The Happy Prince and more.

Countryside Christmas

co-written with Mark DuMez

Full length/Musical Revue/ 4 men, 2 women

Meet the Cornwall Family, everyone’s favourite family as they arrive in their country cottage on Christmas Eve where surprise guests, mishaps and laughter filled songs ring in the holiday season. This is a warm, wacky holiday comedy including classic Christmas songs from James Taylor, Karen Carpenter, John Denver and many more.

Cornwalls All- Inclusive Cancun Christmas

co-written with Mark DuMez

Full length/ 4 men, 3 women


The Cornwall family is back to celebrate Christmas! This year, Harry and Judy are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary and this begins a whole new adventure that includes travel, sand, sea and some new Christmas traditions. This holiday comedy is full of surprises and is sure to light up your holiday season.

Mamahood: Bursting into Light


One Act, One Woman

Mamahood: Bursting into Light 

Mamahood: Bursting into Light is a witty and profoundly moving ode to motherhood written & performed by Nicolle Nattrass. A mother, a playwright (PGC), and an actress (CAEA), Jessie Award-nominated Nicolle Nattrass shares her story with humor. She courageously shares her struggle to be a “PERFECT Mom”, the shock of being labelled an “Older Parent”, to confronting the endless choices of parenthood, the pain of sleep deprivation, along with the heartache and joy of her own post-partum experience.


 Warning: Strong Language, Mature Content.Not suitable for children.


*For inquiries regarding performance rights or detailed production history,  please contact Playwrights Guild of Canada/ or Nicolle directly.