The Drama Queens Comedy Duo~



Meet Trixie and Chicie.

World famous stars (at least in their own minds)

Celebrity Superstars turned Self-Help Gurus destined to “Shift” your life.

The Drama Queens are a brilliant comedy duo.
Think “Absolutely Fabulous” meets Daytime TV/ self help/Shopping Channel Network.
World renowned they travel anywhere and everywhere, including the international TV circuit, to share the Drama Queen philosophy and to promote how to do so, with their patented formula called “The Shift”.

They are available for life coaching, speaking engagements, fashion consultation, special appearances at your special event and as walk around/interactive/roving characters(although they prefer to be referred to as “interactive superstars”) for conferences and parties.

The Drama Queens have been adapted for film/tv/video written by Nicolle Nattrass and featured on APTN-TV “She Kills Me”. To view their episode, (Episode #7) follow this link-

Nicolle Nattrass & Erin Ormond Photo credit: David Bukach

Development History~

Originally inspired by a one act play written by Nicolle Nattrass, original concept with Frannie Sheridan. Dramaturge/Creative Consultant:Florence Ballard.

The play had a developmental workshop in 2009 at the Chemainus Theatre Festival. Special thanks to Drama Queens, Connie McConnell and Erin Ormond for their input and time. Also shout out to Florence Ballard for her support and dramaturgy since the beginning, thank you.The play has not been produced in its entirely, but excerpts from the play, The Drama Queens were performed as part of the Port Theatre’s Random Acts Series in Nanaimo BC, 2010.


For booking the Drama Queens at your next event whether it be a comedy night or corporate event, email us directly through this site. We offer a variety of comedy material, timed sets and special Roving Character Appearances.

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